Taylor Lacoste…Zero Discretion

Ball carriers who faced the defense of Louisiana’s St. Paul High School had two goals in mind this past season.  Their secondary goal was to get to the endzone.  Their primary goal was to avoid one of the most effective young defensive players in the class of 2018.  Taylor Lacoste understandably ranks in the upper echelon of defensive prospects for his respective class.IMG_20151210_131715

Label the tactics of this young prospect as “tip of the spear” like.  Watch Lacoste on film and you see zero discretion on his aggressive approaches to the opponent.  Disregard any pundit talk about technique and overblown  statistics when it comes to this type of athlete.  Lacoste is a playmaker in the broadest sense of the term.  The type of player that college coaches and scouts list as difference makers who can consistently interrupt any offensive scheme.  With two years remaining in his high school career, this bona fide bluechipper will only get faster and stronger.  He already has an aggressive style that will definitely solidify his division one recruiting.  His knowledge of the game and position will be an often asked question amongst recruiting personnel.  With the Alabama Crimson Tide being one of his favorite college teams, watching the Saban disciplined defense will teach the four star player a lot about basic linebacker responsibility. He will be well versed in backer standards such as the elimination of false steps and the importance of gap responsibility.  Offensive coordinators won’t be fooled by the sitcom-like smile of Taylor Lacoste.  Instead they will game plan for this talented athlete, knowing that he is indeed a sort of “smiling assassin” and always ready to wreak havoc on the opposing team.  Expect this prospect to be at the top of linebacker ratings by the end of his junior season and one of the more coveted recruits for the class of 2018. Stay tuned.

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