Gorman And Williams…Indiana’s Top Duo

Take a trip out to Fort Wayne, Indiana and you immediately hear about the basketball combination of Jordan Gorman and Malik Williams.  Jordan Gorman has made his way onto recruiting lists by becoming one of the midwest’s top dual sport athletes.  Cat like quickness is his forte.  Gorman’s play at defensive back for the Snider football team helped boost the Panthers state championship run.  Now as he plays point guard for the basketball team, he has helped spark conversation among some of the power conferences about a new and exciting duo springing forth from the state of Indiana.  His talented and top recruited ally is the 6’11 Malik Williams who made his splash during last summer league.  Williams has been compared to a young Kevin Garnett and while many say its too early for such a “hall of fame-esque” analogy, the young power forward has kept his nose to the grind and continues to earn national respect.


Together Gorman and Williams are poised to make a deep run into the Indiana high school basketball playoffs and have a serious shot at taking the crown.  While both players are averaging double figures in points and Williams adding a double nod in rebounds, the defensive efforts are making the main difference as the Panthers catch momentum.  It’s a necessary talent for Jordan Gorman to bring segments of his football skill set to the hardwood, and this advantage has alotted him shutdown results even against the taller players he has defended.  The decision of whether the sparky athlete will play division one football or basketball will come later on this year as Gorman would rather focus on his junior campaign with his longtime teammate Williams.  Williams on the other hand is pretty much set on a success paved road, save for the fact that he shows pro potential game by game.  Malik Williams is taking constant steps in the direction of becoming a “one and doner” but for the sake of appreciating his present performance, college coaches and scouts will steadily follow his progression.  And even as this high caliber duo has held its own as a regionally recognized pair, the best stories of their emergence is on deck.  Stay tuned.

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