Jayvon Graves…St. Vincent-St. Mary Revisited

A venture out to St. Vincent-St. Mary high school will introduce basketball fans to a another great recruiting report. There are great basketball stories to be found here and legendary status is connected to this location because one of the most successful athletes to come out of Akron, Ohio: Lebron James.  Lebron James not only put the city on the map but made the school, St. Vincent-St. Mary, a mainstay in the premise of high school basketball greatness. Can someone come along and seriously make a name for himself in an area already known for presenting the sports world with a historical athlete such as James?  If you pose this question to Jayvon Graves he will give you a fair yet bold answer.  The 6’2 point guard in the class of 2017 is an up and coming prospect. He takes every opportunity to create his own storyline while he courses through his high school basketball recruiting experience.

At present Graves is averaging 20 plus points and 8 assists per game. While he sits at a two star rating from some several recruiting outlets, the talented outside shooter knows it’s just a matter of time before he has his breakout moment.  To even the most detailed of pundits, the mention of any prospect name in the same sentence with Lebron James causes an immediate accusation of basketball blasphemy against such a famed name.  But instead of trying to fill shoes or even follow the path of such a high rated player, Graves takes a different road to the same destination.  Constant development and appreciation of each and every detail of the game is his forte.  In the mind of this prospect, it is as important to learn from the greats as it is to be bold enough to blaze your own trail.

As the regular season comes to an end for high school basketball, Jayvon Graves takes on the challenge of being considered a top five guard prospect for his class.  One could say that the hard part is already figured out and that is knowing that there are more naysayers than believers.  A familiar subject in the experience of nearly all aspiring athletes and all great stories.  Stay tuned.

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