Corte Tapia…Recruiting Made Simple

It’s pretty simple. Corte Tapia does what a division one linebacker should do. He tackles, hustles, and interrupts offensive game plans. Tapia gladly accepts the role of defensive leader for the Windsor High School football team.  Looking at Tapia’s game film it’s hard not to notice his “stick-tuitiveness.” His overall skill set has helped him break the state of Colorado’s sack record, and what is building up in the mountain west region is the earned hype of one of the nation’s most effective inside linebackers.  The most careful scouts could say that Tapia will have to develop his lateral movement.  But what this class of 2017 prospect lacks in lateral movement, he by far makes up for in hitting ability.

corte tapia 1
At 6’2, 227 pounds Corte Tapia has the size that college coaches adore and with a 4.7 40 yd it would seem the main focus of his off season workouts will be to develop his sideward quickness.  The bottom line on Tapia is that the 150 plus tackles he garnered during his junior campaign should add an additional plus in his prospect rating category. The best part about this young talent is that the game of hype is not his thing at all, he plays the game of football.  Anyone who feels that Tapia lacks anything at the middle linebacker would be met with a short question.  Would you like to put a football in your hands and try to get past him?  A lighthearted but simple articulation on a football position where actions truly speak louder than any playbook, statistic, or scouting report ever can.  Expect the recruiting traffic to become very active in the town of Windsor as the major college programs begin to recognize that Tapia can assist in the daunting task of filling the position of middle linebacker.  Stay tuned.

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