Bo Melton…Bigger Goals In Mind

Bo Melton doesn’t just want to play division one college football.  He wants to leave his name in the books as one of the best athletes to take the field.  A hefty goal considering the vast array of talented individuals including Heisman Trophy winners that have pulled off stunning performances on college football Saturdays.  With that said it will take those outside of Melton’s camp and team to doubt his dreams, because he stands as one of the best athletes in the nation.  A very confident Bo Melton comes out of Cedar Creek high school located in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey.

bo melton

At 6’1 180 pounds and running a 4.47 40 yard, Melton shows on film why he has become a highly valued prospect at receiver for the class of 2017.  While his quickness and open field running ability are some of the best in high school football, college coaches may be more intrigued with the fact that Melton has lined up in over 7 offensive positions mainly at the slot, wideout, and running back spots.  After racking in 27 touchdowns during his junior year, scoring at least twice from every position he lined up in, the Cedar Creek athlete is looking to provide even more highlights in the return game.  Melton’s overall ability has been described as “uncanny” and while we don’t want to make the mistake of over hyping an athlete too fast, let’s not place an unnecessary flaw on this young man’s game.  Vying to be one of the top college renown athletes is something all athletes with great potential  look to become.  Achieving it is something we can be sure to see Bo Melton accomplish.  Stay tuned.

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