Gary Trent Jr. …Lay Ups From The Perimeter

A quick basketball journey back to the future has left a smile on the faces of old school basketball fans.   It involves the play of Gary Trent Jr. and a nameless legend otherwise known as Lamar Mundane.  At a recent travel league game the highly rated Trent pulled up from the perimeter and amongst the crowd noise, “laaaayyyyyy uuuupppp” was yelled.  Now to the media soaked sports fans and twitter-dependant basketball experts this legendary sound merely bounced off unlearned ears.  But for anyone who truly knows their basketball and collects all parts of the game in their minds like an avid historian, that proverb-esque phrase instantly captured your attention.


And of course without a chance of touching any rim, Trent’s shot hit all net.  That still could not keep those of us who knew the origins of that catchphrase from thinking that Gary Trent Jr. does indeed have pieces in his game that at the least places him on the court with the legendary Lamar Mundane, and at best gives sharp shooters like Trent a true predecessor.  Today’s sports scene has plenty of mesmerizing stories that catch the eyes of fans and athletes.  Take note of some in your face stories; the historical run of the 2016 Golden State Warriors, a quarterback famous for his own obscurity that ends up being the second pick of the NFL draft, and even the miseducation of prospects doing dumb things that potentially ruin careers.  This is a positive yet very behind the scenes story that provides at least old school basketball followers with a “snack-like” moment of joy.  Chalk it up as a signature moment on Gary Trent Jr.’s road to success.  Stay tuned.

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