The Adjustment Bureau…Connor Vanover, Chol Marial, And Matt Van Komen

Right now there are three basketball players in high school that will be the main catalyst for rule changes with the NCAA and NBA.  Currently players have to attend one year of college in order to be eligible for the NBA draft.  There have been loop holes around this rule such as playing overseas or out of the country which has been practiced by several players.  Thon Maker is the latest top rated player who played outside of the borders of the US and was draft eligible without attending college.  On that note there may not be the need for loop holes soon as the trio of seven footers that have been nicknamed “The Adjustment Bureau” may cause an immediate push for a rule change.  Their names are Conner Vanover, Chol Marial, and Matt Van Komen.  All are rated as top college prospects with Vanover of Baptist Prep being in the class of 2018, while Marial of Chesire Academy and Komen of Pleasant Grove High are in the class of 2019.


Sometimes the best part of sports punditry is when the rubicon of a perfect storm comes.  In other words there is no avoiding the fact that these three high schoolers will have the option of going straight to the NBA simply because of the need for the center position in the league.  Self proclaimed experts will do their best to anchor down the hype on these three, while the true basketball analysts will see the sports related allegory of players not gaining anything from one year of college anyway.


It’s a trend that will be more concentrated in the classes of ’17, ’18, and ’19 because of the splurge of athletic ability and the fact that NBA owners are opening their pockets even more.   Figure it a blast to the past when players were allowed to defer their college attendance for a shot at the pros or just it a chance for league officials to adjust the rules.  Say for example a high school player performs in pre-draft camps without an agent and follows the results of their camp performance.  Surely it wouldn’t hurt a college program for an agent-less 18 or 19 year old to enroll into their athletic program if they fall short of draft projections.  But this of course is only a short preview of the hoopla that will surround these young recruits in a couple of months.  Be it as it may, the nickname fits and “The Adjustment Bureau” will have plenty of chances to spark serious rule change discussion.  Stay tuned….

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