Bishop Gorman Vs St. Thomas Aquinas…Countdown To The Magic City Melee

There are some football games played in high school that rank historical.  The mid season showdown between Bishop Gorman and St. Thomas Aquinas will be a little more than all out football madness and a little less than pure pandemonium.  Between the combined 180 players on each side of the ball for both teams, there are a total of 40 division one prospects that will be competing in one of the most watched high school games of the year.  Bishop Gorman is currently and understandably ranked number one in high school football.  Tate Martell has led this team across a path of sheer dismantling of all the Gaels’ worthy opponents.  The Gaels average 38 points per game and are absolutely upending any team in their way.  The defense is not too shabby either led by elite prospect Bubba Bolden and Palaie Gaoteote.


The Raiders of St. Thomas Aquinas also have excellent offensive production.  More to that is the fact that they are still feeling the ill chills from the upset to Booker T Washington in the opening game of the season.  Call it an early wake up call or just fire under their backsides but it definitely resulted in a team with ongoing destiny.  St. Thomas Aquinas has dared opponents to even step into the same stadium without the ending result being a Raider style pillage. It will be fun to see how Tyler Dunning and Drew White, two high ranking defensive prospects, take on a Bishop Gorman front five that so far has been as much as a vanguard to Tate Martell as the secret service is to a president.  With all the focus on the duel between the defense of STA and offense of the Gaels, fans should not ignore the best receiving corp in high school football.  Trevon Grimes is all world and leads a group that makes the deep ball a habit of choice.


This contest between these two powerhouses will be aired on ESPN and is one that pundits and analysts will be better off leaving prediction free.  Battles like this are the type that overfill the fans’ hearts with joy resulting in welcomed heartbreak by game’s end.  But of course first things first.  Wins versus Hallandale and Bonanza are in order and then preparation can begin for a truly epic battle.  Stay tuned.

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