Trevon Duval…Meeting League Standards

Trevon Duval is a name that will resonate throughout sports media for at least the next decade.  Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that this class of 2017 guard will fall short of any of his goals.  It was less than 500 days ago that Duval was left out of most high school basketball player rankings.  So much for the experts.  Duval has been labeled as the most eligible prospect by actual NBA scouts and is considered pro-ready.  The IMG transfer comes into the ’16-’17 basketball season as the number one rated guard and second highest overall player behind DeAndre Ayton.


While IMG Academy is known for its football excellence, the basketball program in Bradenton, FL will get an immediate talent boost and there will be plenty of eyes watching their progress. But it may be the aftermath that boosts recruiting for the IMG basketball program.  While Trevon Duval has yet to make a decision on college, he is a legitimate pro prospect.  While playing for IMG Academy, there will be intense training along with learning the game from some of the best coaches and trainers in the nation.   So far the evaluation on the 6’2.5 180 pound guard has been nothing less than excellent.  He is considered the best ball handler in his class but his highest score during his summer assessments came in court vision.  The newest Ascender can’t help but to be ecstatic about comparisons to NBA hall of famer and longtime Phoenix Suns guard Kevin Johnson.  Right now though there will be more time in the gym and less talk by the young man who has already been considered a shoe in for the high school All-Decade team.  Stay tuned.

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