Colin Kaepernick…A Shot Across The Bow From The Powers That Be

There has been a stern warning sent out to any professional sports player who plans to make a political stance rather right or wrong.  That stern warning is Colin Kaepernick.  He has been ostracized from the NFL and despite his talent and the fact that he led his former San Francisco 49’er team to a super bowl berth in 2012, Kaepernick remains without a team.   On the sports talk table are various reasons why the 6’4, 218 pound quarterback has been shunned by all 32 NFL teams.  There are discussions that include a waning skill set, the mistake of asking for too much money, and even being too old.  The first two excuses are slightly palpable but the age thing is nothing more than a ruse from pundits sympathetic to an underlying agenda.  And this agenda is so powerful and worthy of mention that those who currently disagree will indeed have to agree sooner or later.  If you have been living under a rock the story with Colin Kaepernick is one of a political stance.  After an onslaught of social media attention to the killing of black men by police officers, Kaepernick decided to sit and eventually kneel during the national anthem.  Whether one agrees with his stance or not, the main point of this article is to point out the unseen powers that can strip even the best athletes of their professional career.

colin kaepernick

While most sports media personalities won’t admit it, the decision to keep Colin Kaepernick out of the league goes above NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  Not even he has the pull that it would take to strip away what could have been an illustrious career by a proven winner.  This would take a level of collusion that would serve several purposes including silencing dissidence and sending a stout warning to any individual or groups that would otherwise venture outside a poshly cushioned lifestyle just to bring aware injustice.  Colin Kaepernick was warned by his fans, teammates, and more than likely family to pull back on his views even if they may have had substance.  But he made the choice to stand for something even if it meant being the dark horse in a league where dark horse types don’t last long.  Fast forward the clock to the NFL offseason 2017.  What Kaepernick and naive fans didn’t expect were for NFL owners (the powers that be) to attend an NFL team owners’ meeting and make this ordeal one of their main topics.  Killing multiple birds with one stone would be a very mild way of putting the final decision of NFL owners in regards to closing out the Kaepernick problem.  Why not silence any future political activist by making an example out of an otherwise successful NFL player.  And don’t think for a second that NFL owners are not in communication with other sports league team owners such as the NBA, MLB, and NHL.  The NFL owners meeting stood as an occasion to address once and for all any player regardless of sport about their political stances.  The owners with literally no words let potential outspoken individuals and activists know that “if you speak out in an unpopular manner we will take your career.”  This is exactly what has taken place and even the most popular sports media voice has had no effect on the league wide decision to avoid signing Colin Kaepernick.

colin kaepernick5

What happens next in Colin Kaepernick’s career is not at all a mystery.  He is unfortunately at the mercy of a cabal that in terms of sports careers has absolute power.  And as the old saying going absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The bottom line is that it will take more than one voice to stand against anything considered anti-establishment.  A universal message has been sent to every future and current professional athlete inside the US borders and that message is that if you ever feel the need or desire to make your stance known, proceed with extreme caution lest you get “Kaerpernicked.”  Love it or hate it but in the end….it is what it is.

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