The Side Chick Epidemic…A Confused Confidence

Somehow the word side chick has become a proud title for some females. For some odd reason the two word term has come to represent sexy, wild, and fun.  Unfortunately the words that follow the previous three are usually divorce, unplanned pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases.  Not to mention the career toppling embarrassment that inquiring fans flood social media with.  All of a sudden the theory of the side chick seems like a bad epidemic rather than a fly by night fad that will soon go away.  Yes there have been relationship “infractions” since the beginning of mankind, but this new type of companion stealing is like a virus that mutates and adjusts to opposition and rejection.

At its base the ideal that this new but familiar phenomenon is attacking is family structure.  Go after the male, pull him out of the household using some kind of method, in this case temptation, and consequently there is an eventual breakdown of the family structure.  This may seem extreme but there are hundreds of examples of this over the past decade especially in sports.  Since this is not a ploy to embarrass, highlight the bad decision-making, or go on a personal attack against current or former pro athletes I’ll leave it to the reader to google cases of side chick infidelity that led to some pretty hectic situations.  It is no wonder why the side chick epidemic is targeting households in this age and era.  It joins a plethora of things attacking the family structure.  But in this case there is a more sinister yet stealthy approach to entering a pro athlete’s life and turning it upside down.  Side note.  There are plenty of readers who will proclaim that this article places all the blame on the female when in fact it is more the fault of the male, who in the end has to make the final decision to fall to the temptation.  In a nutshell severe pain follows the pleasure in this case.  Such is the folly of a fool that succumbs to the sweet nectar of a harlot.  But let’s not digress by playing a fencing game of who retains the most guilt.  As the old saying goes it takes two to tango.

side chick blog

Ronnie Rose is infamous for going on a seasonal “baller” hunt

Now for anyone wondering how this epidemic can be contained, they should look into the signs and setup of it all.  Pay attention enough and you’ll notice five things that are blaring on the side chicks that attend professional events.  They are as follows:

1) A side chick almost always shows up in all designer clothing and accessories.  I suspect the underlying tone to this is quality begets quality or rather money attracts money.  If dressed to impress there is a better chance at getting attention.  An old school way but still effective in most circumstances.

2) Studying the prey involves attending more than one game or event.  What better way to capture the catch than to observe their ways.  And if you’ve ever been an athlete especially on the pro level you know that most days consist of a regiment.  An athlete is usually in a certain place at a certain time.  They have some of the most strict schedules and any determined or potential side chick can pick up on this and thus plan around it.

3) While they may seem unethical, the side chick does have a set of morals that were instilled in them at one time in their lives.  They just have an uncanny way of putting them on the back burner in order to achieve their final objective which in their head is nabbing a “baller”

4) Side chicks are almost poetic with their words and unsuspecting males are mere putty in their hand after a little more than 10 minutes of talk.  Thus it is highly suggested to avoid talking or allowing a respective companion to talk to a potential side chick for more than a couple of minutes.

5) The number one tool of a potential side chick is communication.  Unfortunately there are plenty of ways to have contact with someone these days.  Social media gives everyone plenty of tricks in the bag if and when they plan on having inappropriate contact with an individual.  That said it would be insane to try to isolate one’s companion from communicating with people.  But I’m not here to offer solutions but rather to point out what all former or current athletes know and that is if a side chick wants to talk to someone they have plenty of ways of getting through.

side chick tv cover

This TV show may be a waste of time but is a stern warning about the side chick epidemic

Call it a whimsical way of looking at one of the more featured problems in professional sports.  The side chick epidemic has become so evident that they even have a tv show based around individuals who fall into that category.  There are other tv shows following the lives of side chicks such as Basketball Wives but I don’t think the women in that particular show realize that they in fact the side chick.  Usually the title of spouse eliminates any element of being the second option.  But again I digress. In the end this is the sort of epidemic that will only end with a shock of morality amongst the victims.  And if today’s society is a sign of things to come, we are a long way from this problem going away.  Love it or hate it but in the end…it is what it is.


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