The “Super Team” Project Is In Full Force And Minnesota Is Winning…

If you haven’t noticed yet, the NBA is on the move to create the next super team.  Actually team owners are out to create a unit that can take down the Golden State Warriors in the West and the Cavs in the East.  The Minnesota Timberwolves are creeping closer and closer to doing both of these.  Say what you want but adding one of the league’s youngest superstars in Jimmy Butler just put the T-Wolves on pace to go extended rounds with any team in the league.  You have three legit all stars in Butler, Wiggins, and Towns.  Giorgiu Dieng brings factual big man presence in the paint with a very capable but tradeable Tyus Jones at guard.  Can Minnesota beat the Warriors in a playoff series at this point.  Probably not.  Give them one more defender that can play 30 to 35 minutes per game and we have something that can get very interesting come playoff time 2018.

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