Our misssion is simple we want athletes to believe in themselves and become the best athletes they can be. BeSQUADsport is an international sports media team, and we use our resources to highlight the talent that exists from athletes living our mission statement of believing in themselves and doing the hard work it takes to become that great talent. We focus on high school and college sports, but we also keep a close eye on the professional sports scene. By upholding high standards we strive to attain and keep a global fan base. Expect the best quality in sports entertainment, recruitment inspiration, information and news.BeSQUADsport.com


About the Author:

Coach Francis played football for the University of Illinois, 1995 – 1999, and was a three year starter as defensive back.


In the 2000 NFL draft, he was given an opportunity with the Philadelphia Eagles. Once released he signed free agent contracts with Green Bay, Seattle and finally Carolina before returning to Champaign, Illinois where he began coaching high school athletes.

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