Greatness In The Making?….Will Jayson Tatum help revolutionize the game?

Constant debates take place on which athletes are the greatest of all time in their respective sports.  In basketball who can argue against Michael Jordan being the best, while in football you have multiple names thrown out there such as Joe Montana, Walter Payton and Jim Brown.  But a topic that rarely comes up is which athletes from the past or present have or are talented enough to revolutionize their position.  For example, Magic Johnson obviously set a new standard at the guard position with his height of 6’9″ while Lamar Odom ushered in the need of the “big man” who can handle the ball like a guard and even bring it up the floor and run the offense.  While there are indeed great players that will go down in history as hall of famers such as Lebron and Kobe, currently there is a student athlete playing at Chaminade High in St. Louis that has a mixture of talents that when all combined form one of the best basketball talents in recent high school history. His name is Jayson Tatum.   When watching Tatum’s games true fans of the game and even his critics are left with the impression that the kid cannot be defended by a single player in high school. No one likes to put the cart before the horse but you have to wonder if he bulks up and polishes up each of his attributes (passing, ball-handling, shooting), will he be as heralded coming out of high school as Lebron or Kobe?  The fact that he holds the top spot for the class of 2016 represents Jayson Tatum’s validation as arguably the nation’s premier forward regardless of any current class. Watch his multiple highlight tapes and ask yourself, “Could this kid be greatness forming?”

Jayson Tatum...Greatness in the making?

Jayson Tatum…Greatness in the making?  (press image to go to Jayson’s highlights)