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Thon Maker…Re-Opening Pandora’s Box

With Thon Maker skipping college and heading straight to the NBA, sports enthusiasts are questioning if this will indeed re-open the Pandora’s Box of too early, too young. This subject has been sort of taboo and has been a close cousin to the conversation of paying college athletes. Cause and effect to a lower degree if you will; players with pro-level talent should surely go straight to the league right?

A controversial question that comes down to several factors. Is the player mentally and physically ready? And can the player endure a season that is at the least four times longer than his previous high school term? The upside of going straight to the NBA is the obvious financial boost in one 18 year old’s life. The downside is that players who are not ready tend to run out of gas in the middle of their first season and face the threat of being out of the league by the end of their second season. The highly skilled Thon Maker potentially can be a huge success story in the NBA. His game film is testament to why he was advised by his circle of confidants to make this bold move. But in the rearview mirror it is an obvious chatter among the elite players in high school’s class of 2017 and even ’18 that if this works for Thon Maker, what says it can’t work for the next man with those type of skills. Stay tuned.

Continue the story with SBNation: “Thon Maker will become the first player to jump from high school to the NBA in a decade.”


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