Defensive End

Joe Kane…The Marked Prospect Is More Than Able

When I first received a heads up on a division one caliber defensive end playing out in North Carolina, I shrugged my shoulders. He was probably one in many prospects in that area.  So what? Another one, but okay lets take a look at him. And then he proved himself to be  “The Minister of Sinister.” In the game of football nicknames are given out like mouthpieces during equipment hand out, but Joe Kane happened to be the young man given this tag. It would be putting things lightly to say he’s earned it.

Kane attends Heritage High School in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  Besides being a national sack leader and garnering defensive mvp honors as an underclassman, the amount of hoopla surrounding Kane has spilled from his town to the entire east coast.  His measurables are that of a prototype defensive end.  At 6’3.5 and 258 pounds, Joe Kane adds 4.85 speed to the mix. While this would be considered comme il faut by the smoother talking experts, it is better than average for a prospect with at least two summers of training left before his first college football game.


Besides his measurables what makes Joe Kane a marked defensive prospect for the class of 2018?  Try his alley-brawl style of intimidation or his high end energy that he brings for four quarters.  Bragging up ball players who have yet to play one down of college ball can be somewhat premature but Kane is a prospect that 95% of coaches and scouts would warrant success.  It would not surprise any of his high school coaches and peers to see Kane choose a regional division one school for his college football experience.  Four division one powerhouse programs are within a couple hours drive of Kane’s hometown.  Those programs include Wake Forest, North Carolina, Duke, and North Carolina State.  In Kane’s mindset decisions can wait until later. Right now he’s all about getting his team to the state championship while bringing home the national sack title.  Stay tuned.

Samson Reed…Meeting And Greeting In The Opponent’s Backfield

The message from the Hawaiian islands is very simple.  Samson Reed is good and he is coming to a backfield near you.  Reed is one of those defenders who is as equally entertaining as a high caliber offensive threat.  Those Jevon Kearse and Warren Sapp types if you will.  He is the type of athlete that can capture the crowd and keep their attention because of the way he interrupts an offense.samson reed  The coaches at Kahuku High School are more than excited to see how far Reed can go.  Coaches and scouts at the college level are getting their recruiting approaches ready for this skilled athlete.  The buzz among PAC 12 conference schools may be the reason why Reed has gained national attention as a class of 2018 student-athlete.  The hushed tone on Samson Reed is that no one has been able to cap or even scale his potential.  What does that mean? It simply says that his skill set, while being in a class of former greats is capable of going to a level which usually converts into immediate action as a college freshman.  At nearly 6’3 and closer to 230 pounds, the agile and hasty footed Reed can star at all defensive line positions.  Let’s not put his strength on a backburner either.  Most offensive lines can and will be impeded as he takes on most double teams with a juggernaut style.  Again, it’s important not to put the young man into the college football hall of fame yet, but it is very important to recognize the potential star athlete’s trek to the elite group labeled great.  With the Mountain West conference catching the word from PAC 12 schools about Reed, fans can expect this young man’s recruitment to expand as far as the SEC.  While Reed and his Kahuku teammates prepare to make a run at the state title, college scouts are padding and penciling up for much anticipated note taking on the multi-star athlete.  Stay tuned.