duck gibson

Martrellian “Duck” Gibson…No Stars, No Problem

The rumors of Martrellian Gibson’s skill level being a virtual match to the  Rucker Park legend and NBA vet Rafer Alston were worth searching out.  A 6’2 guard out of central Illinois is proving why rankings won’t keep him from his goal of playing college basketball.  Nicknamed “Duck” Gibson, this electric guard holds a 40 inch vertical and is vying for his opportunity to showcase his skill on one of the major travel circuits this upcoming summer.  Gibson has been a main contributor to his high school’s current success.  The Rantoul Eagles have recovered from a slow start and have caught midseason heat while rolling to an 11-5 record.


“Duck” Gibson is becoming a fascination in the world of high school basketball. Why? Plain and simple, he has style.  His style of play is as exciting as high end tournament play at the Rucker, and it is fundamentally sound.  One might think he is being trained by one of the most elemental focused coaches in the game.  A constant comparison to Rafer Alston comes up when depicting Gibson’s skills.  While his jumping ability is the primary attribute that stands out in his basketball summary, Gibson’s perimeter shooting seems video game worthy when he heats up.  And do not make the mistake of underestimating his aggressive choices when it’s time to go to the bucket.  He attacks the rim 70 percent of the time and while this seems unbecoming of a point guard, it certainly creates “dead to right” open shots for his teammates.  Defensively this young talent  has learned the importance of using his 6’4 wingspan to regularly eliminate the vision of opposing jump shooters.  If his opponent is quick enough to get into the lane, Gibson will deflect many an attempt at futile layups.  Since “Duck” Gibson is only a junior he is certainly holding all aces and is all set to have a thrilling recruitment  experience.  Stars next to his name have meant little to Gibson.  He’s more concerned with showing college scouts and coaches consistency and a fully developed skill set.  So far so good…Stay tuned.