Gary Trent Jr

Summer AAU 2015…And In Conclusion

What have we the fans of high school basketball figured out after watching one of the most exciting summers for AAU basketball in its over 30 plus year history?  Starting with the class of 2016 here are 4 facts that fans can all agree on…

1) The clear number one and two players are Jayson Tatum and Harry Giles.

2) The top five players in the class of 2016 can match up to any recruiting class in the history of high school basketball including the recruiting class that had Ronnie Fields and Kevin Garnett. G-Malik Monk  G-Dennis Smith   G-Josh Jackson   F-Jayson Tatum  C-Harry Giles

3) Although one-and-done has taken on a negative connotation in the college basketball world, the class of 2016 has more potential one-n-dones than any other class in the history of high school basketball.

4) The battle for high profile players to play in a tournament sponsored by an acclaimed label such as NIke, Adidas, or Under Armour catches the attention of all…will players soon be allowed to represent one label and what type of pandora’s box will this open?

In the class of 2017…

1) Malik Williams made a meteoric rise from virtually unranked to being considered by collegiate scouts and coaches as a top 5 player in the class of 2017.

2) Trae Young, Gary Trent Jr., and Nojel Eastern duke it out day by day for the number one guard ranking.

3) Jeremiah Tilmon is the must have big man of his class.

4) Michael Porter Jr. has dropped his name in the hat of top hybrids to come out of this decade.

The hard work continues, the competition stays steady, who will become the next star?  Stay tuned…

Trae Young And Gary Trent Jr…Several Days To Stardom

At the Nike Global Challenge, hosted by Nike EYB, two guards made it their business to certify their games as the best.  The class of 2017 five-star performers inked another page in their impactful summer basketball play.

traeYoung2Trae Young took advantage of the opportunity to match up against two top guards from the class of 2016 in Xavier Simpson and Charlie Moore, when the USA West squared off against USA Midwest.  Young was definitely up for the challenge when presented with the quickness of Simpson and defensive discipline of Moore.  Trae Young’s method of attacking the basket shows his confidence and concept of keeping constant pressure on the opposing defense.  While his ability to shoot the long range three-pointer is up to the standards that college scouts prefer, Young regularly chose the 14 foot jumper that he is deadly accurate at shooting.  What did college coaches find out about Trae Young during the Nike Global Challenge?  That he approaches the game with a make something happen attitude and does just that.

garyTrentJrWhichever division one program Gary Trent Jr. decides to be a part of, that program will gain a complete player in a very short list of players who can do it all.  Trent’s awareness on defense keeps even the most meticulous of coaches interested in his games. It was interesting to hear some of the NBA scouts comment to each other how useful it is to have a rebounding guard, who also has the presence of mind to stick with the forgotten fundamentals of boxing out.  Trent Jr. came into the tournament known as one of the nation’s top scorers, but he would leave as possibly the nation’s top defender.  While he stood out as a defensive juggernaut, Trent Jr.’s scoring ability is as natural as any big name in the tournament.  Offensively, he is a legitimate ball handling guard and is able to mix it up in the paint when challenged. As a native of Minnesota and B1G conference territory, fans have to wonder if this young talent will take his abilities down to the SEC where Kentucky is now on his recruiting trail.

As both Young and Trent Jr. leave the Chicagoland area and the Nike Global Challenge, onlookers are left with two verified blue chippers.  Look for both players to continue to dominate their positions as summer high school basketball comes to a close in August.