Nike EYBL Midwest Team

Miles Bridges…The Friendly Assassin

Miles Bridges has enjoyed the summer of 2015 by squaring off against some of the best talent around the world.  One of the best parts of being a top rated recruit, is meeting other top athletes and developing a comradery that can last for a lifetime.  Bridges will tell you that he has befriended other players such as Nick Ward, Cassius Winston, Derek Funderburk, who all played on his Midwest team during the Global Challenge hosted by Nike.  After talking to Miles Bridges, one would acutally think that he has no enemies.  His demeanor as he overlooks his opponents is tranquil and as he watches his fellow teammates he smiles at his newfound allies.  What goes through his mind though is what takes players from good to great and finally may land them at legendary status.  Bridges is studying not just his opponents but also his teammates.  Looking for strengths and weaknesses, almost absorbing their talents and discarding the fragile parts much like a superhero would or could do.  This could be the very reason why Bridges grades out as the most lethal scorer in the class of 2016.  College coaches and scouts label his ability to score from anywhere on the court as lethal, even in the range of devastating to his opposition.  With his 6’7 height, Bridges has spent the spring and summer developing his ball handling and is super smooth at creating a shot.  Add this to his vast array of post moves and long range capability, and one is now looking at one of the most feared offensive arsenals in his class.  It’s always wise for athletes to study the games of pro athletes and even base their game around someone who plays their position.  What’s even wiser is to study teammates and opponents and pick up a move here or there, a sort of merger of skills.  And after the skills are complete, meet the opponent on the court and hit him with a version of his moves and your own.  A strategy that has been perfected by Bridges and has placed him at the top of his class.  Bringing his full arsenal to the basketball court is a given but definitely stay tuned to see what Miles Bridges will add to his game.

Charlie Moore…The Patience Within

Charlie Moore-PG/Morgan Park High/Chicago, IL

Charlie Moore-PG/Morgan Park High/Chicago, IL

Who is Charlie Moore? He is one of the nation’s most patient guards and a blue chip recruit.  Moore, who attends Morgan Park High school and is a member of Mac Irvin Fire aau team, has placed more fuel in the intense talk of his recruiting journey.  Moore faced off against some of the world’s best talent at the Nike Global Challenge hosted by Nike EYB.  Everyone in attendance shook their head in approval as Moore, a poised guard, held his composure while his team faced an early 18 point deficit to the USA West team.  Moore  helped his Midwest team fight their way back into the game and grab a temporary lead, making the game an intense battle up to the end.  Just one instance of many that Moore proves to be a patient and very knowledgeable guard.  What makes him patient is his high level court vision.  As you watch him bring the ball up the court, it’s as if he has predetermined where the defense will be and Moore reacts with boxer like reflects and either scores or gets the valued assist.  Charlie Moore demonstrates the importance and value of knowing the game of basketball and not just showing up to do what he is told.  His knowledge of the game exceeds what you would expect for even a five star recruit of his ability and would make his value to any college program more significant. Most recruits come into the college system with a very skewed comprehension of the game.  More importantly Moore is a coach’s dream because he gives the offense a chance to work and makes quick assessments with a calmness comparable to the legendary guards from the University of Arizona.  It is not a long shot at all to say that Moore’s vision and court knowledge measures up to what Mike Bibby or Jerryd Bayless had at this point in their great careers.  While the mad scramble for college offers takes place around the nation, this class of 2016 guard is as relaxed as his mild expression shows.  Top guard status…check.  Division one offers….check.  Next move for Charlie Moore…stay tuned.