Theo John

Theo John…No Seasons Off

Champlin Park Senior High School begins the average day like any other school.  Bell rings, students rush the hall and classes fill with eager youth. Theo John walks these halls to start his daily routine. John is a highly coveted prospect in the class of 2017.  Yes, John attends class like other students and has the common high school life, but his day does not end with the classroom.  After school, the gym becomes his classroom and the phrase “no seasons off” becomes his main subject.  His workout routine has many similarities to other athletes of his caliber, but what sets him in that class of the elite is his consistency.

John recognizes the narrowness of the path less traveled, and to John the game of basketball is a game of good habits. He understands that it takes countless reps with on court maneuvers, box out drills, and shot selection drills to solidify his spot at the big invite to basketball excellence. College scouts have been thoroughly impressed with John’s summer play. All that is left is a heated race to the top of the charts. Now that his run with Howard Pulley travel league is on hold, John will skill up in the September basketball league hosted by Hardwood Elite.  Fans of this young man should stay tuned as they know he will only get better with time and can very well crack the top ten in player ratings for the next high school basketball season.